Creating LGBT Families

Donor Agreements

If you are planning insemination using a known donor, or are considering becoming a donor for a couple, you should have an agreement that spells out each parties’ rights and obligations to each other and the child. We are experienced in drafting Donor Insemination Agreements and other documents that define roles in complex parenting relationships. This could be the most important decision of your life; you need a legal professional to help you with the challenges it brings.

Parenting Agreements

Same-sex couples who parent together face a maze of legal challenges. A Parenting Agreement outlines the responsibilities and rights of each partner, for the duration of your relationship and, should unfortunate circumstances arise, when your family breaks up. Issues such as responsibilities for education and school expenses, child support, visitation, life insurance and estate planning are outlined in a Parenting Agreement.


You may appoint your partner guardian of your child in your will, and in certain circumstances, designate a “stand-by guardian” if you are incapacitated.

Minor’s Health Care Power of Attorney

This document gives a non-biological parent the authority to make health care decisions for his or her child.

Friendly Custody and Support Actions

This non-confrontational lawsuit can give you court ordered custody rights to your non-biological child, and should be valid not just between you and your partner, but also recognized by third parties such as schools, other family members and persons who provide care and services to your child.

Name Changes and Birth Certificates

Taking a new name is often a sign of a commitment to another person. North Carolina will allow you to change your name once for any “good reason.” Name changes have been granted for same sex couples who wish to have the same last name as their partner and children, but are allowed only once except as provided by statute.

Transgendered individuals may also wish to make a name change during their period of gender transition. After gender re-assignment surgery, we can also assist with the process of getting a new birth certificate issued, in states where laws permit such changes.

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