Meredith Nicholson: A mid year update 2013

Building on her long history of providing legal services to low-income families, Meredith is pleased to announce that she was recently awarded one of the contracts with NC Indigent Defense Services to provide misdemeanor defense in the 14th Judicial District.

A frequent speaker, Meredith has recently presented on behalf of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice on the issue of traffic law, and on LGBT issues in Spanish to the Durham community. She is part of a project initially funded by a USAID grant to train Mexican judges and attorneys while Mexico transitions to an oral criminal justice system and travels to Mexico periodically to teach oral advocacy skills to Mexican lawyers. In the firm’s commitment to supporting women’s rights, she serves on the Executive Board of the Women’s Birth & Wellness Center. Fluent in Spanish and French, Meredith is currently learning Italian.

Meredith and her family are fostering a newborn who will soon celebrate her first birthday. Now that she’s getting enough sleep on a regular basis, she’ll be training with Sharon for the Rambling Rose mini-triathlon in Chapel Hill.

Both Milan and Meredith were featured in Durham Magazine’s first-ever Women’s Issue as two of thirty-five extraordinary women in Durham (June/July 2013).

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