Relationships marital or non-marital often include the combining of resources and sharing of responsibilities; sometimes equally and often not.  

For partners who can marry, marriage comes with a host of financial consequences that could result in the your having to pay spousal support for many years or result in the division of your retirement accounts and other assets accumulated during the marriage.  While you may not object to these rules, we find that most people aren’t aware that they exist and apply to their relationship. Come talk to us and discover what the consequences of marriage may be. Find out if you might benefit from prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement or parenting agreement. 

Partners who cannot marry or will not marry, may still acquire assets and responsibility jointly without a clear legal path to separate those assets or to ensure rights and responsibilities.  Unmarried couples and polyamorous families where some parties are married and others are not can have need of agreements regarding their assets and roles and responsibilities. While the law may provide a remedy to these families it is not as clear the law which applies to marital relationships.  Find out if you might benefit from a property agreement, domestic partnership agreement or parenting agreement. 

Married or unmarried families can often benefit from making these types of decisions on their own and by agreement.

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