Termination of Parental Rights
Traditional and LGBT Families



Few areas of law are as fraught with risk and as subject to appeal as a petition or motion to terminate parental rights. In a TPR action, the client must prove that there is a valid statutory reason to terminate the rights of the parent or parents and then must prove to the court that terminating those rights is in the child’s best interest. It’s a high legal standard, and the biological parent has a constitutional right to an appointed attorney.

Some of the reasons to terminate parental rights are:

  • The parent has abused or neglected the child.
  • The parent has abandoned the child.
  • The father of the child was not married the mother and never legitimated the child or held himself out as the parent.
  • The parent has not paid child support for the child.
  • The parent has already had his/her rights terminated to another child and can’t take care of this child.

A TPR action may be necessary prior to being able to adopt a child if the legal parent doesn’t consent to the adoption.

Our attorneys are very familiar with TPR actions and we have represented clients to terminate rights of biological fathers and mothers, both known and unknown.

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Termination of Parental Rights FAQ