If you are planning to use an egg or sperm donor (or both) to conceive a child, NicholsonPham recommends that you have a Donor Agreement with the individuals making the donations. A donor agreement is a type of contract that clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of the intended parent and the donor. In North Carolina, this is particularly important because our statutes lag behind the current medical science and do not adequately protect all families.

Some of the items that may be included a donor agreement are:

  1. Donor testing for HIV and other medical conditions
  2. How many donations will be made, how often and for how long and where
  3. Whether the donor will be compensated and/or who will pay for any expenses
  4. How or if the identity of the donor will be revealed to the child
  5. How or if there will be future contact between the donor and child
  6. Waiver of parental rights by the donor
  7. How or if the child will be adopted
  8. Legal representation of the parties.

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