Criminal Defense

NicholsonPham provides criminal defense representation to clients in Durham, Orange and Wake counties charged with misdemeanors, felonies, assaults, larceny, underage consumption, drug and alcohol charges, speeding tickets, DWI, driving while license revoked and individuals seeking expungements.

North Carolina’s criminal courts are a confusing and often intimidating place to find yourself. When you are facing criminal charges you are likely to be experiencing a good deal of stress. Navigating the court system alone is a daunting task. If you are charged with a crime in Durham, Wake or Orange County, you need the leadership of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the criminal court process. The criminal defense lawyers at NicholsonPham are dedicated, experienced and efficient in protecting your rights before the North Carolina criminal courts. We offer free initial consultations to criminal defendants out on pretrial release, and we let you choose the most convenient time to meet with us.

When you come to our offices, please bring any paperwork you have about the alleged crime. If you were arrested, you will have a criminal warrant as well as a “conditions of release” form. In addition, if there were witnesses, please bring their names and phone numbers. In our offices, we will go through the facts of the case with you.

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Once you’ve spoken with us, you will understand:

  • The type of crime you are charged with and the type of sentence you could get if convicted.
  • The types of defense for that crime and whether those defenses apply in your particular case.
  • The types of evidence that might be used against you and in your favor.
  • How the local criminal courtrooms work, the timing and the different procedures you should expect.
  • How we can fight for your rights, and what we hope to achieve in your case.

Expunctions and Expungements

North Carolina law has expanded in the past few years to allow more expungements or expunctions. An expungement is an Court Order that requires state agencies, including the clerk’s office and law enforcement, to erase completely all mention of the charge and disposition of a crime. It can be the difference between a criminal record and no record at all.

Whereas before only criminal defendants who had been acquitted or whose cases has been dismissed could apply, now Chapter 15A of the North Carolina General Statutes allows a multitude of expunctions, even for people who pled guilty. For example, the law now allows expungements for guilty pleas to felonies when the defendant was under 18 at the time of the offense. The law allows defendants who pled guilty to certain crimes to petition the Court to expunge the case after fifteen years of good behavior. The rules are very specific and NicholsonPham is ready to petition the Court, if your situation qualifies.

The criminal defense lawyers at NicholsonPham will take the mystery out of the criminal justice system. We will ensure you understand your charges, what you might be up against, and will help you negotiate the best outcome available. In those cases where plea negotiation is unsuccessful or unwarranted, we are first and foremost criminal trial lawyers and are ready for litigation. Call today.

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