LGBT Legal Services

We provide legal services to the LGBT community. Until the law provides equal protections for all families, NicholsonPham’s attorneys are dedicating their firm to pursuing, ensuring and advocating for the rights of LGBT individuals and their families. During the battle against Amendment 1, NicholsonPham Partners contributed both time and resources in an effort to defeat the Amendment. We understand the special legal needs of the LGBT community and assist with creating sperm donor agreements, egg donor agreements, parenting agreements, domestic partnership agreements, wills and powers of attorney and litigation in the event it becomes necessary.

North Carolina law currently doesn’t recognize the relationships of gay and lesbian couples which means you have little or no automatic legal protections. Health insurance, health care powers of attorney, division of assets, post separation support, alimony, child support, child custody and inheritance rights are all covered under the law for heterosexual married couples. However you and your family may not be covered under the law, even if you’ve been legally married or granted a domestic partnership in another state or country. Providing the necessary protections for your family are your responsibility. Finding an attorney who understands the gaps in the law will be key to helping you understand the protections you need. Your family needs an attorney who keeps up to date with the status of changing laws and is well-versed in current legal, cultural and political climates. NicholsonPham’s attorneys active members of the national LGBT Bar and the Family Law Institute which help to keep us informed and aware.

From wills to powers of attorney to parenting agreements to known-donor agreements, NicholsonPham can assist with your family’s legal needs. If you are gay or lesbian and working to protect your family, we speak your language.

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