– C.T., New Jersey

This was certainly and excellent outcome! I'm thrilled! It's what I had hoped for, but I know that in legal matters, nothing is ever a given. Your expertise has save me thousands of $ over the next several years. Thank you for sending my son your material last fall, for your honest assessment in our initial phone conversation, and for deciding to take his case. I couldn't possibly be happier for choosing you to represent him. We will not hesitate to call you in the future. Let's hope he drives with a lighter foot. Again, THANK YOU!

– W.C., Durham

"Attorney Milan Pham did a great job for me. I’m not good at speaking and writing, but Milan made things really easy for me in court. I was very worried about having to go to jail for not paying my child support, but Milan helped me and now I have a fresh start."

-M.D., Durham

Hello Blanca! I just want to say thank you to you and Attorney Nicholson for all that you all have done for me! I am personally saying that I will recommend customers to the Nicholson law firm, especially after the great customer service and satisfaction that I received from start to finish! Thank you so much!

– D.H., Durham

"After receiving a citation in Durham, I decided to hire Ms. Nicholson to represent me as my attorney. She, along with her legal assistant Ms. Borceguin, was extremely professional, knowledgable, and helpful about everything. They quickly alleviated any worries I had and promptly resolved my issue. I made an extremely judicious decision in choosing NicholsonPham, and would absolutely reccomend them to anyone seeking legal advice or counsel."

– R.F., Raleigh

"Thank-you for your support this morning. I felt you were very professional and asked all the pertinent questions that were necessary for a positive outcome. I am sure having you present helped [the DMV Hearing Officer] weigh all the evidence of my continuing sobriety and arrive at her decision. Regards."

-Eric T.

"Thank you guys so much for representing me in court. Yesterday I received your letter in the mail letting me know that the matter was dismissed, and I was very surprised to find a refund check! Wow, I really didn't expect that! I'm happy that I chose you guys and I'll direct anybody I know that needs this kind of help your way. Thanks again."

– L.B., Durham

"Making the decision to have a child, especially for a lesbian couple, was one of the most exciting yet daunting times in our relationship. So choosing the right attorney for us was paramount. We needed a lawyer with the expertise to handle our special needs and circumstances, and also someone whom we could trust. We did our research, weighed all our options carefully, and came to the unanimous decision that Milan Pham was the attorney for us. Milan has the knowledge, professionalism and tenacity to gets things done without charging exorbitant fees. We have the utmost confidence in Milan and hope that she’ll continue to represent us as our family grows."

Your client, R.R.B.

Thank you for all the work you put into my case. You are really one of the best at what you do. Hopefully, I won't be needing your services any more! Thanks again.

– G.G., Durham

"Because Milan really understands and appreciates what I am trying to accomplish through my business, she not only answers my questions but also helps me figure out what questions I should be asking. Milan brings a top-notch legal as well as sensitivity for my reality as a small business owner. She communicates in clear and straightforward language so I can actually understand and make use of her legal advice. She is highly responsive and follows through, delivering high-quality and timely results. Because of her great work with my business, as well as her cultural competence and ability to work with people from all walks of life, I have recommended her to work with my aging immigrant parents on their personal legal needs. I would not trust my parents to just anyone. I am grateful for the support that Milan provides my family as well as my business."

H.Y., Durham

"I was charged with DWI and reckless driving and tried to find the best attorney in this field. Before working with Meredith, I've been very nervous and extremely stressful and contacted three other attorneys. Honestly, most of them looked the same to me and made me more confused after meeting, but I felt that she sincerely tried to put herself in my shoes. While preparing the case, she has been truly on my side, dedicated her time to this case and understood my situation very well. Also, I felt that all members of NicholsonPham helped me as a team. Finally, I got a good result in the court. I appreciate Meredith and NicholsonPham's team and strongly recommend this firm to others who got the same difficulty like me."

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– J.M., Norcross, Georgia

"Mrs. Nicholson, I would like to thank you so very much. You are a miracle worker and I'm glad I can leave this issue behind and move on with my career. I hope everything is well, and know that you have helped in way you can't imagine. I appreciate everything."