If you find yourself charged with a violent crime, such as assaulting someone, speak with one of our attorneys.

Assaults in North Carolina are some type of force against another person, even if very slight. If you’ve struck someone, been in a fight or had to defend yourself resulting in someone being injured, make sure you’re prepared before you arrive in court.

North Carolina has a strong self-defense law that allows you to use force to defend yourself if you believe the other person is about to use unlawful force against you.

If you’ve been charged with assaulting your own child or child abuse, chances are good that you’ve already heard from a local social worker with Child Protective Services. Those cases can often be prosecuted in domestic violence court (link to page) and they need special attention because of the long-term consequences that can result. The quicker you can involve one of our criminal defense attorneys, the better able we will be at helping you to defend the case, mitigate the consequences and restore your family’s health and well-being.

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