Drug Crime

Criminal Defense: Drug Charges

North Carolina District Attorneys generally take an aggressive attitude toward citizens charged with crimes related to drugs. Even with budget cuts, prosecutorial resources are next to limitless. It is crucial to have an experienced, efficient criminal defense lawyer to help you navigate the confusing, often frightening, world of the criminal courts. We defend your rights without judgement regarding the drug crimes for which you are accused.

Drug related cases can be complicated. When you might be facing minimum mandatory sentencing, it is imperative you have a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer representing your interests.

Common drug charges include:

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Sale of controlled substances
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Drug Cultivation and manufacturing
  • Drug Smuggling and drug trafficking
  • Paraphernalia possession
  • Fraud or forgery in the acquisition of a controlled substance
  • Unlicensed pharmaceutical sales
  • Underage alcohol consumption
  • Possession of illegal prescription medications
  • Laundering of money
  • Storage of illegal drugs in a home or vehicle
  • Providing minors with alcohol or tobacco
  • Drug Possession & Drug Trafficking

Often, drug arrests result in several connected charges, stacking penalties on top of one another. In the case of drug possession in North Carolina, the quantity of the controlled substance in your possession is proportionately relative to the consequences of conviction. Possession of larger quantities of controlled substances can result in a trafficking charge, carrying minimum mandatory jail sentences even for first offenses.

Charges of drug sales, delivery or trafficking require immediate steps to be taken to ensure the protection of your rights. While low level drug charges may seem insignificant, a resulting conviction can have a life-long impact on your record and affect the future of your career and academic progress. It can also impact your ability to get federal grants for higher education.

In order for the state of North Carolina to convict an individual for possession of a controlled substance with an Intent To Sell, they must prove:

  • The person must have actual or constructive knowledge of the possession of a controlled substance.
  • The person must have intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver the controlled substance.

Drug cultivation and manufacturing charges are defined as growing, possessing, producing plants, or using scientific equipment and chemicals to create unlawful controlled substances. These charges can be brought against citizens for possession of cultivation and manufacturing equipment even when no drugs are present. Drug manufacture and cultivation are more serious offenses than possession, and as such, the consequences associated with these types of charges cover a broad range of punishments.

If you are charged with any type of drug related offense in Durham, Wake or Orange counties, it is in your best interest to seek the advice and representation of a qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer. At NicholsonPham, we bring experience and efficiency to the representation of your criminal defense charges.

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