The business attorneys at NicholsonPham represent businesses by creating LLC’s and corporations, preparing partnership agreements and bylaws, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts including commercial leases, contractor agreements, employment agreements, and negotiating and litigating civil disputes that inevitably arise.

Creating a successful business is far more complex than just filing articles of incorporation or articles of organization with the Secretary of State. At NicholsonPham, we understand the complex legal issues facing businesses and are skilled in many areas of corporate law. Our business attorneys can help you determine whether to form a corporation or an LLC. Determining the appropriate structure for your business is just the beginning, negotiating commercial leases, entering into employment contracts, resolving inevitable disputes between owners and protecting intellectual property are examples of the routine legal needs of business.

We help business owners confront the sophisticated issues facing business and non-profit corporations in today’s world. We deal with a business’ legal concerns, allowing our clients to turn their attention to management and growth. Our experience enables us to provide high quality business law services efficiently and effectively, saving you precious resources.

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