Charitable organizations in North Carolina are regulated by a complex myriad of laws. There are restrictions on charitable solicitation, unrelated business income, maintaining tax exempt status, not to mention the increasingly difficult application for exempt status IRS form 1023. In addition, you are subject to many of the same laws as for profit businesses (without the profit). Every tax exempt organization should have the assistance of a qualified attorney. NicholsonPham has the experience to help you determine if you want to create a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and assist you in navigating the maze of laws your organization will face.

We can help your organization with:

  • Formation of Nonprofit Organizations (Bylaws, Articles, Preliminary Budgets)
  • Application for Recognition of Exemption (IRS Form 1023)
  • Compliance with Private Foundation Rules
  • Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status and Avoiding Intermediate Sanctions
  • Advice on lobbying restrictions
  • Advice on conflicts of interest and reasonable compensation issues
  • Appeals of adverse determinations

Non-Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the formation and management of tax-exempt entities. Our clients include a broad range of nonprofit organizations. We have organized and qualified for tax-exempt status many different types of nonprofit organizations on a broad range of corporate and tax issues including: conflicts of interest, taxable unrelated business income and lobbying.

We can help you get your non-profit, not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization up and running, and we will be with you through the long haul. Contact NicholsonPham today to schedule your non-profit organization's consultation.

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