Top Ten Reasons Why Criminal District Court is like a Third-World Country*

  1. It is populated primary by poor people.

  2. It is often crowded and hot.

  3. It is chronically underfunded.

  4. It is dominated by a heavy bureaucracy.

  5. Its borders are heavily guarded by armed paramilitary and all who enter are subject to search.

  6. It is regulated by rules that are badly understood by many of its citizens.

  7. It witnesses extra-legal commerce on a daily basis.

  8. It is saddled with obsolete technology.

  9. It serves as the petri dish for new “innovations” that are promulgated by the ruling minority.

  10. It has a language all its own.

*All of that being said, we love it! If you want an attorney that speaks the language of Criminal District Court, give us a call.

As if to accent these 10 points, see the Raleigh News Observer’s Article from 11/29/2013, on current threats to the court system here.


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